How do I configure Elixir SDK in pycharm

How do I configure elixir SDK in pycharm,
unfortunately, I have pycharm instead of IntelliJ idea

I use it with Rubymine and it works quite well with the IntelliJ Elixir Plugin by Elle Imhoff. The plugin’s readme page has detailed instructions for the ‘small IDEs’, which is any of the language-specific ones like Pycharm, Rubymine, etc.

After installing the plugin, just go to Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > Elixir and then you need to set both the Erlang and Elixir SDK locations. Just click the + to add a new one and point it at your install location (for asdf on MacOS it is /Users//.asdf/installs/erlang//lib). Do the same for the Elixir SDK, then you’ll be able to select the Elixir SDK from the top level dropdown which will set your combination of Elixir and OTP versions as a set. From there, it’s up to you, but I usually set Run Configurations for Phx.Server and Mix Test so you can use the built in test runner and server run/stop/debug controls.