How do I customize the sign_up page for Users when using Ash Authentication?


I’ve added first_name and last_name to Account.Users´s attributes.
Then I ran mix ash_postgres.generate_migrations --name add-name-to-users && mix ecto.migrate
A custom :create function that accepts these new attributes is also added.

So far so good, but which view-files should I update to allow new registrations to enter their name? Do we have a /settings page where users can update existing name?


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I don’t believe there is a configuration to allow you to add fields to the autogenerated live views for registration. The reason for this is that, if you want to build a custom registration experience you should make a custom liveview. Some notes on that here:

My suggestion, however, would be to allow users to add those fields after registration in a custom settings page of your own design. You can forward users there after registration as well, using a plug in your router that checks if the current user has a first name and last name. If they don’t, you can redirect them to the settings page with a flash message asking them to fill in their first and last name (or something along those lines).

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Thanks for your reply, @zachdaniel.
I’ll implement your plug suggestion. :blush:

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