How do I get DSL tooltips like this for Ash in VS Code?

I was watching “Why I built Ash Authentication - James Harton” and during the demo there was a moment where James had some nice tooltips show up for what was allowed in the DSL.

As a young user of Ash myself, I find discovery of the DSL to be a challenge. I have not gone too deep into this, but what do I need to do to see similar tooltips in VS Code?

It should “just work” if you are using ElixirLS, and a recent version of ash/the extension in question, as well as spark. Perhaps try mix deps.update spark

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Just updated my dependencies (they were 4 days out of date) and then reinstalled elixirls (it too saw recent updates), trashed my build and .elixir_ls folders.

What I see for a tooltips is:

and clicking that hexdocs link takes me to a 404 URL:

I’m probably not going to spend a bunch more effort on this (at least today), but thought I’d ask in case I’m missing something.

:thinking: yeah, so our elixir_sense extension won’t do hover, only autocomplete. It’s a bit annoying for sure. Does it work of ryou as you type? i.e attribu... should autocomplete to attributes.

Not seeing autocomplete. :cry:

Bummer. Next thing to check would be the Output panel in VSCode