How do I set assigns for live.html.leex?

I want to show a current user’s name in the live.html.leex template using LiveView.

I’m setting the current user in an authentication plug with

put_session(:current_user, user)

I know in any other LiveView I’m supposed to

def mount(_params, %{"current_user" => current_user}, socket) do
  {:ok, socket |> assign(:current_user, current_user)}

to be able to access @current_user in the template, but for live.html.leex there is no opportunity anywhere to setup mount as far as I know?

My app was generated with the --live flag so my live.html.leex is rendered with MyAppWeb.LayoutView right? which is just a regular view so I can’t put a mount callback there.

Thanks for any help.

live.html.leex is the default layout (unless you set a different layout yourself). Any assigns set in your main liveview will be available in live.html.leex.

In your example, @current_user would be available in live.html.leex.

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Where would I set any assigns for live.html.leex though? It gets rendered by MyAppWeb.LayoutView, not a LiveView with a mount callback, which extends :view not :live_view. I assume the --live generator set it up this way for a reason so I don’t think I should try and change MyAppWeb.LayoutView to achieve what I want but maybe i’m wrong.

live.html.leex gets the assigns you set in whatever liveview is being rendered. The liveview with the mount function you wrote in the 1st post would make @current_user available in live.html.leex.

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I’m having trouble with more or less the same issue. But I don’t understand where to write a mount function for a live.html.heex template. Could someone make it a bit clearer for me?

You don’t write a mount function for live.html.heex specifically. Instead, the regular mount function of whatever page you are rendering handles setting assigns for live. Basically, if you want to refer to an assign in live.html.heex, you just set it in the pages that use that layout.

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Now you can use new on_mount feature from liveview to assign current_user in all of your live_views, at once.

defmodule CurrentUserHook do
  import Phoenix.LiveView, only: [assign: 3]
  use Common.Views.Helpers.Authentication

  def on_mount(:default, _params, session, socket) do
    user = current_user(session)
    {:cont, assign(socket, :current_user, user)}

which you should use from your router as such

live_session :default, on_mount: CurrentUserHook do
  # your live routes