How do I set elixir path for ElixirLS in VSCode?

I am trying to set elixir path from bashrc. But it is not picked up by VSCode. Tried installing with asdf and directly building from source, I still get elixir not found.

See this thread. There is known issue related with OTP 26. I guess it will be addressed soon. As suggested in that thread, roll back to OTP 25.

P.S. Maybe the two threads shall be merged (but I do not know how to do it). :slight_smile:

Elixir needs to either be in PATH or asdf needs to be installed . ElixirLS looks for asdf install in ASDF_DIR or if that env is not set tries ${HOME}/.asdf. The common problem with asdf is that it’s slow and VSCode often complains that bashrc took too long to evaluate