How do I use edeliver with Mix Releases

I am using Mix releases to build releases. I dont know how to use distillery and dont need to know since I dont need hot upgrades yet. The edeliver documentation only talks about Distillery and not mix releases. Also, on googling I couldn’t find anything on Mix releases + edeliver. Results are only about Distillery + edeliver. Any guide or advice ?


I’ve been wondering the same thing!!! Good question’

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@LukeWood @theagilecoder are there any news?

lol I just use rsync now from some shellscripts I wrote

Can edeliver really not be used for already built and packaged release tarballs?

I’m surprised it would require to control the build of the release and not just work with tarballs.

Does it have to add special scripts to the release or something? Though it could even do that with a tarball, so doubt that is the reason it would require control over release generation.

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