How do you deploy a phoenix backend with a react frontend

I need a simple way of deploying a phoenix backend that has a react frontend … I’ve looked all over the net and theres nothing clear on how to deploy a project like this… Maybe i’m slow and dumb … idk … but i need help …

Do You know how to build a react frontend? If yes, which tools do You use?

More or less You can build your frontend and put it in priv/static

If front is separated from back, You might need to add CORS

What did You try, that is not working?


yes the react app is already built , i tried deploying both apps to render separately (backend using webserver, front end using static site) , whats cors ?

It means cross-origin resource sharing…

You can use cors_plug, corsica…

You need to configure CORS to allow the frontend to use the backend

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