How do you render HTML elements as they are meant to be rendered in Phoenix Framework?

Hello everybody!

So, I’ve created a simple app by means of mix emptyapp --no-ecto. Changed directory into emptyapp and modified the router at lib/emptyapp_web/router.ex by adding the following route.
live "/sayhi", SayHello in the root scope.

After I that, I created the say_hello.ex file in the following route lib/emptyapp_web/live/ with the following content:

defmodule EmptyappWeb.SayHello do

    use Phoenix.LiveView

I’ve proceeded with the following file lib/emptyapp_web/live/say_hello.html.heex with the following content (plain html):

<h1>This is a header</h1>

<p>This is a Paragraph</p>

Run the server with mix phx.server and got the following result.

I was expecting to see an actual header in the traditional way, a little bit bigger than the paragraph. You know, as specified here.

So, how do you guys achieve this behavior in the Phoenix Framework?

Or is this approach unusual?

I also tried adding use MyemptyappWeb, :html with the same results.

Of course, in the end most HTML elements will end being styled by means of CSS, so basically my question is if these results are expected.


@calebjosue It’s “normal” for Tailwind which is used in phoenix generators. For more information see Preflight - Tailwind CSS documentation.

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Outstanding, thanks for the link @Eiji !
Added some Tailwind classes and now looks decent.
Screenshot 2023-11-22 002336

Thanks a have a good night!

You might also find the tailwind prose class useful which is part of the tailwind typography plugin.

Just add the prose plugin to tailwind configuration and prose works out of the box. There is no need for npm installation as the plugin is included by default in Phoenix.


How amazing is that?
Thanks for sharing that link @adw632 !