How i can get socket data by the data i assigned to it

Hello Elixir community, I’m new to elixir and phoenix, I’m trying to get the socket by the data I already assigned to it

for example, I’ve set the user-id

socket = assign(socket, :user_id, USER_ID)

Now I want to get the socket using user_id I already have

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In the template rendered by render you can access it directly like this: @user_id. In the other callbacks (handle_params, handle_event, handle_info) or other functions where you pass the socket, it will be under the :assigns key, so in this case: socket.assigns.user_id.

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Hello, thanks for the reply, I know how to access the assigns key, actually what I want is to access the socket from the user_id, what I want to do is I call a function and pass player id and returns all assigned keys by the player id, I hope u understood what I mean

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I’m not aware of anything built-in that will return all the sockets that have a specific assign in it. You could wire this with PubSub where each liveview would subscribe and when called upon would respond.

What are you trying to achieve?

I have a function and I called it get_status I will call it from the client and pass playerID parameter, what I want to get everything assigned to that socket with that playerID, I have some data I’ve set like channel id and player name and i want to retrieve that data using the player ID

Hi @skokon , I have the same need as you, i.e., given a socket’s id (as defined by the id/1 function), I want to get the socket struct. Did you figure out how to do it?