How run iex in production


I wrote a app for my backend and run in bare-metal .

How config to use iex ( shell ) with my app ??

I want use it for add/remove node address to system and calling many function

Generally speaking you run releases in production. When you have your release running, you can run bin/my_app remote which provides a remote console running inside your application.



A thing to be aware of is that if you have iex in your app then anyone who can use iex can do whatever they want. There is no really safe way to sandbox it. This is a not a deficiency of iex but a property of erlang/elixir system. If you let me in to your system in an un- very very strictly controlled way I can do what ever I want. E.g. if we are running distributed then I can upload modules onto your machine and run them.

This is what firewalls are for. :wink: