How shall we post the ElixirConf video threads this year?

Hey all, @axelson and I have been discussing how to handle the Elixir Conf videos this year. We were thinking about posting the threads for them up within a short time-frame (say within a few days), but there’s 54 so wondering now whether we should split them over a longer period.

Any preference on how we should post them this year? All over the course of a week, two, or a month?

Just post them all, in a playlist. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


You could feature one or a couple every day for a while even if they are all, already up, imo.

Since everyone will be interested in different ones.


They are all up on Youtube already, so anyone can watch all of them immediately.

Even Jose’s unlisted keynote (which was likely unlisted due to video issues is still very much worth watching since you can make everything out) can be found at:

I posted a link to the 50+ videos on HN a few days ago. I was kind of disappointed that it didn’t get any upvotes or comments. I don’t care about upvotes, but I would have liked to see a bunch of positive discussions / comments about Elixir. That was my main motivation for posting it.


My concern with just having a single post is that it will be difficult to have a discussion about the videos because everyone would have to respond in a single topic. Since there’s ~50 videos it could get hard to follow the discussion. But on the other hand we want to avoid flooding the forum with video topics. And I feel that the discussion is especially important because no comments are allowed on the youtube videos.

One idea is to effectively backdate the video forum posts so that they aren’t shown at the top of everyone’s “latest” page. How does that sound? (I’m pretty sure that’s possible but haven’t verified yet). I think this could get us the best of both world where there’s still room for discussion but without crowding everyone’s feeds. Thoughts?

Thanks for the link to the keynote! That could’ve been hard to track down otherwise. I think it’s hard to have a conversation about 50+ videos at once (especially on HN) since it can feel nebulous/unfocused. Of course it could also have been the time of day or peoples moods that day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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No problem. Someone posted that unlisted video on HN in a discussion about Lumen.

Yeah I was just hoping for a general feel good conversation about the language and some chatter / feedback about all of the nice things on the horizon. You often see that type of discussion happen when a new language version is released for any major language.

Last year I posted Chris’ LiveView 2018 keynote directly and it also got 0 interaction which I found surprising considering how useful it is. HN is very weird sometimes.

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Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought the question was about publishing the actual videos.

Yeah after re-reading it, that makes more sense. Especially with the Youtube comments being disabled it would be nice to talk about some of them.

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What about a tag for elixir conf 2019 and then 54 threads? That way the videos could be browsed using the tag, but each talk could be discussed individually.


54 threads? Can’t we group them by some similarity?

I’m sure there can be one threads with all the liveview videos.

I would hope an Elixir forum would be able to handle that level of concurrency :trollface:

Thanks for the thoughts all!

I agree that separate threads are easiest for discussion (as well as for referring to at a later point or people jumping into the conversation some time in the future).

The main concern really is flooding the forum with talk videos, though there are plus and minuses for that - if we do them over the course of a day or so, after the initial large number of threads it won’t take long before things are back to normal.

The other good option may be to do them over the course of a week (so post about 7 a day), that could be quite nice as it may feel like an extension of ElixirConf - keeping it in focus for a week :smiley:

If there’s no clear preference either way, I think Jason can go ahead and surprise us with what he feels is best since he usually creates all the threads :003: