How should I deploy to RHEL

I have a client that is using RHEL and doesn’t want to use docker on top of it(for some reason I don’t understand). I see that Erlang Solution has a package for CentOS, but not RHEL specifically, will the CentOS package work? With these things in mind, how should I deploy to this server?


Releases probably. Use something like to produce a single unique tarball that ocntain the ERTS and everything in it, so that you can just ship that to the client.


Interesting, it bundles in the Erlang runtime as well? I’ll look into that.

Yes it does. You will want to compile on a RHEL like machine or use cross compilation. I advise to compile on a RHEL machine personally, to be sure that you have no problems.

Would a RHEL VM work?

@ChaseGilliam Yes, that will work fine.

Ahh, info from the source! Thanks @bitwalker! Hopefully I can setup Travis to do all that si I don’t have to build in a local vm and shuffle the file around a bunch.