How should I name my blog/book about Elixir?

Hi Everyone!

I’m planning to start writing a blog or some open source book about Elixir and Phoenix and host it on Github pages. I want to write it in a beginner friendly manner, to be a good reference for someone migrating from Ruby/Python etc to Elixir, and in the process my own Elixir skills will also be polished, as I heard that teaching is the best way to memorize something yourself.

I need your kind suggestions about how do I name the blog, or (e.g.,

Thank You!

I’d go for the latter - as that way if it takes off you can more easily shift the brand to a domain etc :023:

Good luck, and I agree, blogging and writing or helping other people is a great way to polish your skills and reinforce what you know :slight_smile:


Thank You @AstonJ ! :slight_smile:

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