How to access the current_user inside of my live_component?

I generated two sets of scaffolds: one for phx.gen.auth, and one for for a model called Article. I am using Phoenix 1.7.0. I am trying to access the current_user inside of my live_component (which was generated by In particular, I have a reference field on my Article model that I am trying to assign to the current_user in new and edit actions in my form_component.ex file. How can I accomplish this?

When you create the user you can add that to socket.assigns. A live component is on the same process as the live view so you should be able to access the state.

Where exactly do I add it to the assigns? I tried assigning it in the mount function of index.ex, but I still can’t seem to access it in the form_component.ex actions. Do I need to assign it in every endpoint along the way as well?

Live components have a callback mount(socket)

OK, figured it out. Thanks for your help!

Happy to help!