How to achieve channel connection within Socket using ‘phoenix’ library on iOS devices?

Current setup:

  • react-native 0.66.4
  • phoenix 1.4.17

After calling the join() method of the channel object it hangs on the joining state. It doesn’t result in an ok, error, or timeout response.

I have tried the following so far:

  • Updating ‘phoenix’ to the latest version 1.6.13
  • Updating ‘phoenix’ to the intermediate version 1.5.12
  • Added timeout handler to catch the connection timeout error but it is called only if you use the wrong endpoint on purpose Using older iOS versions(13,14,15)
  • Tested on old test-flight versions
  • Added transport fallback option to socket parameters
  • Used LongPoll in parameters of new socket
  • Added onError handler which is actually being called but it shows an error as undefined
  • Tested on the local backend(copy of the production backend) and it works.
  • Tested it on a staging server and it works. Tested on demo server(mirror of the production) and it works.

So it doesn’t work only in one case, production server + iOS device, on android and on any other backend environment it works perfectly with the same front-end code, the error itself is a no-code-change type, as it appeared one week after the latest release.

Any kinda help or pointers would be highly appreciated.