How to add new dependency in project elixir with Phoenix

I need use function to calculate linear regression existing at numerix lib

Thanks advice

Add this

[{:numerix, “~> 0.4”}]

to your mix.exs, deps section, then run

mix deps.get

Is that what You need?

That is it, kokolegorille.


This is not related to phoenix and is not different when doing plain elixir or a nerves project.

How you use those dependencies is explained in a generic form in the guides:

Also, on, you’ll always find the necessary tuple you need to put in your deps. Usually it will lock you on the minor and only allow patch-increments, but you are free to adjust the version comparator to anything you like.

Last but not least, a proper documented library does explain how to actually add it in its README and or documentation, which numerix does (README only, and also only for elixir < 1.4). I’d prefer though when the README is actually bundled into hexdocs…