How to avoid context/module bloat in Phoenix app?

One problem I am seeing across multiple Phoenix apps is that, when the app was started it followed along many tutorials / generators and built context modules based on core business nouns. Over time these modules have grown to uncomfortable levels and so I’m looking for recommendations on how to break it up. I have some ideas but don’t want to bias the discussion.

Has anyone else ran into this problem? Suggestions for how to address it?


I like the way this video illustrates how to work with contexts, maybe this gives you some ideas on how to tame the complexity of your contexts. Specialty the part about context maps…

Also, there’s this thread I’ve opened a while ago that might interest you: What's your process on splitting application logic?


Thanks for the link. The talk was really helpful.

I had started reading that DDD book years ago and I don’t think I was ready for it back then, or had the system needs that I do now so it’s worth revisiting. I’ve also been listening in on DDD stuff from various Elixir podcasts and even ElixirConf this year.