How to avoid the publish of data to client which made the mutation in Absinthe

Hello there. I want to have something like Phoenix Channel broadcast_from functionality, but in Absinthe.
So i hope somebody knows the way how to implement it…

Hi @helicon, have you read through and attempted to follow or the relevant chapter in the book?

yes, i have read this documentation and if i understand it right - client A & B are both subscribed to some topic. When client B submits the comment -> client A receives data trough subscription. But client B receives the data as response from mutation first, and then receives the payload trough subscription too. Am i right or not?

That is correct. Often when submitting mutations like comments I will simply ignore the returned value in the mutation or only ask for minimal data, and then wait for the subscription value to arrive to update the UI. Subscription values are usually published extremely quickly if you’re using phoenix pubsub to power it