How to become an Elixir developer in 2022?

Manager former developer looking to get back into the developer track, looking for advice on the following:

  • Essentials to master when working with elixir
  • Learning path to become productive as a developer

Essentially looking for the elixir equivalent of Backend Developer Roadmap: Learn to become a modern backend developer

Thanks in advance!

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Very quick, rough response:

concepts in exercism roadmap
ecto, phoenix, maybe absinthe
mix basics


Here are some options:

And last but not least - be visible - blog, take part in the forum, etc. People generally hire people, and if your visible and a positive person I’m pretty sure you’ll have a better chance of getting hired over someone who isn’t :003:

Good luck :023:


Maybe this articles will help a little:


I absolutely love the official Elixir getting started guide…

You can go through the whole thing in a day or two, and it kind of sets you up to answer “where to go from here.” Especially if you have previous experience as a programmer.

The biggest issue for me was learning to leverage OTP so I don’t reinvent any wheels.

There are TONS of tools to help manage processes. Once you get the basics, mastering GenServer, Task, and Task.Supervisor is the next step, imo.

Then understanding OTP applications. An application has configuration, can depend on one or more other applications, and can start one or more processes, etc.


I recently went through TDD Phoenix and Testing LiveView and enjoyed it very much. I’d consider the latter to be a part of compulsory reading for newcomers. It walks you through both how and what to test, but also refactors tests to be readable in a very understandable pattern. German seems to have put a lot of effort into making it concise. I for one have trouble learning from books as they stretch out a sentence into a paragraph and this course was very efficient.


Sep 2023 - Are there any updates any of you might add?

I’m in the same boat, made major life changes to work on some ideas I’ve sat with since the pandemic began and after taking time to get current with Javascript (Node/Express/React/ReactNative), Typescript, Go and Rust, I keep falling back to Elixir because we used Erlang when I worked at Verizon, the distributed system and messaging were incredible and I’d love to use that functionality… so I’m off to iterate and refactor from intermediate to mastery.


I switched from Embedded C to Elixir. To me, Excercism was very attractive but the jump from 0 to something was very hard.
I bought some books but I got lost in the abundance of information.

Then I decided to purchase the Elixir and Phoenix courses from Pragmatic Studio, it was the best decision ever. It was great to get moving in a short period of time.