How to build a livestream mixer in Elixir

So my friends and I have put on a couple of livestream “gigs” thus far via mixcloud.

The way we’ve handled changeovers thus far has been to just have one person stop and the other one start. This works completely fine, but I’ve been thinking it might be possible to (as a small personal project) use elixir to build a service that we can stream concurrently to, then expose a simple interface for selecting which current stream to show, and this is then proxied to an actual service (mixcloud, in our case).

I’ve had a look, and it seems like there are some libraries in Ex for various parts of this: RTSP client lib to do the stream to mixcloud, saw an old thread about RTSP server as well.

I guess I’m just looking for thoughts and advice as I start: libraries to look at, libraries to avoid, things to consider. I haven’t work with streaming media before at all really, most I’ve done streaming wise is a little bit of work on live twitter data, so any advice is appreciated!

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Are you interested in ingesting multiple streams on one server and directing them to MixCloud, and not streaming multiple from MixCloud to one browser session?

Yeah, ingesting multiple streams and being able to nominate one to be sent onwards.

Ah, I can offer less help in this case sadly. Is your source audio from something like a DAW or is this a video stream?