How to build webRTC m:m audio/video live-streams/calls like discord does? client to client via gateway for IP protection

Hi, (and also and so on) is a great service, but very expensive since it’s a server solution. I can’t use that.

Discord has a great client solution, that just uses gateways as a pass-through to hide IP addresses and so on. They described their entire architecture here: How Discord Handles Two and Half Million Concurrent Voice Users using WebRTC Discord ain’t the only one with this approach, Instagram has AFAIK the same approach too, since it’s cheap and does what it does

I want to use for my social media app (like instagram) this solution too, but without these many custom built things to increase performance. I am a one-man team and I can’t handle that complexity; still i don’t want to use mux because it’s way too expensive for me

I am okay with the stock/standard performance. Does anyone know or can point me to a tutorial, where to start building such webRTC elixier gateway solution for m:m audio/video live streams calls?

maybe there already is code published that I can just copy paste

since all (discord and friends) use elixier, I thought I am correct here. I googled around and found out that there is even a whole framework called membrane out there, I read several times about a twitch example app, but wasn’t able to find it, so it isn’t realeased yet? Or maybe I didnt find it, would be really cool if someone would share me the link!

thanks a lot!!

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Hi @jurijurka,
Take a look at the following links: