How to cater "optional" fields in proto3 in elixir using jason and jiffy libraries

Hi, We recently added optional fields in our protobuf.
The protoc command is producing .ex file without any issue.
But the json conversion is generating optional field(when not specified) with default value rather than nil

:jiffy.decode(json, [:return_maps])

Could anyone please help me resolve this issue. I am new to elixir, have no to very little idea about it.
The versions used are:
{:protobuf, “~> 0.12.0”},
{:jason, “~> 1.2”},
{:jiffy, “~> 1.2”},

Please let me know if any other info is needed from my end.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Yashu welcome!

What JSON conversion are you referring to? Can you show some example code and example inputs / outputs?