How to communicate from a Phoenix app to a different app via stream pipelines

I have a Phoenix app and i want to exchange some parameters with an other app.
To achieve this, i’m thinking of using a stream pipelines like the existing approach in Java (PipedOutPutStream and PipedInPutStream).

Does anyone know which packages that i need to use, or how to implement this approach?



Pipes in Java IO provides the ability for two threads running in the same JVM to communicate. Therefore pipes can also be sources or destinations of data.

You cannot use a pipe to communicate with a thread in a different JVM (different process). The pipe concept in Java is different from the pipe concept in Unix / Linux, where two processes running in different address spaces can communicate via a pipe. In Java, the communicating parties must be running in the same process, and should be different threads.

Are you sure it is possible? Are there any examples where jvm communicates with other runtimes through these pipes?

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Actually i don’t know!!, this is what i’m trying to figure out.