How to compile a `xrl` or `yrl` file in the console?

I am building a lexer and parser in a Elixir project.

when I start the application xrl and yrl files get auto converted to erlang file and compiled and loaded in memory.

but how can I compile that file manually and load the module in the console when I did some udpate so that I don’t need to wait for restarting the application?


You can do like this…

iex> :leex.file('list_lexer.xrl')
iex> c("list_lexer.erl")

iex> :yecc.file('list_parser.yrl')
iex> c("list_parser.erl")
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thanks @kokolegorille, that works.

when a yrl or xrl file gets updated, and I need to run the test. it always compile the whole app again. and I think it supposed to only compile the new parser and lexer module? Any thoughts on that?