How to configure a web app so mobile users can 'add to home screen'?

Hello all,
I have noticed that on some websites (like the one u r using now) that when we click on “add to home screen” for mobile view in chrome browser( or others too), they just make an app on your phone.
I believe this is called progressive web-app (pwa). I earlier though that this could be achieved by manifest.json file (in vue) but that’s not complete.
Need help to understand on how to do this.


Recently it was changed to manifest.webmanifest and it doesn’t look like discourse has caught up yet.




there is no defined name for the manifest. you can choose whatever you want and just reference it in in your html.

<link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json">


<link rel="manifest" href="/my-very-special-manifest.json">
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yes, thanks.
I referred this only, it’s pretty straightforward, earlier I made a mistake because of which the app was not including the file.

You might also choose to look at:


Eh, I’d choose the standards-based MDN doc site over Apple’s any day:

You may, up to the point that you want your application to take advantage of functionality that is specific to Safari running on iOS mobile devices. If that is not a priority for you then so be it.

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Eh, thankfully Apple products are basically dying (I can’t think of a single person I’ve seen in real-life with an apple product in about a year now when a half-decade ago they were everywhere, the last few diehards converted to android about then). But still, that spec is a standard spec, and thus any site I see using platform-specific things for a standard spec just makes me block them in uMatrix. :wink:

You and I have very different experiences. It is wonderful that our world can support such diversity.