How to configure IntelliJ F1 - Help to show standard Elixir documentation?

In Sublime or VS-Code, hovering over something like brings up the documentation. I’m not seeing that in IntelliJ.
Is this something that can be configured to work with the IntelliJ Elixir plugin?

Hello and welcome!
On linux and windows, ctrl+q shows the documentation and ctrl+p shows parameters information!

Thanks for the response. I’m running on a Mac, which maps Quick Documentation to F1, and CMD-P to parameter information.

To clarify, when I hover over the module Phoenix.HTML in my source editor, I see documentation. If I hover a module/function that I wrote, I see documentation. It is only with the standard Elixir modules and functions that I don’t see any documentation.


Oh right! Does the documentation show on iex when executing h for example? It should, but if says the module was compiled without docs then your installation is missing them, but AFAIK all installations come with documentation. It might be a fault with the plugin and it’s indexing, does autocomplete works for Elixir functions ?
Mine did never work, so I kept using IntelliJ just for work with java, and vscode for elixir