How to configure phoenix for sqlite

Can one guide me step by step in configuring phoenix with sqlite ?

P.S. im on elixir 1.6 and latest phoenix

Thanks a ton !!

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You might find this thread of interest:

And this post:

And I have to ask, why not just use Postgres?

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Some of the replies in that thread are a trainwreck. :frowning:

This guy comes in with a clear question and some people just go “use postgresql”. Thankfully Chris came in and replied with some actual information.

@staymetal check out this link:

Seems like a simple adapter switch.


If the replies are helpful (and aren’t too off-topic) then that can definitely be a good thing :023:

Sometimes I put myself in the shoes of the person asking the question, and ask myself, if it were me, what would I wish I was told or made aware of? Postgres is excellent and I can’t see any good reason to use Sqlite over it in Phoenix - so why not help the OP by sharing this info?

I think in topics like this it can not only advance the OP, but be generally progressive as well - just like we’ve seen with the shift from MySQL to Postgres, PHP to Rails, and now, people recommending Phoenix in cases where it makes sense to do so as well :slight_smile:


While I agree that Postgres works fine and is a good enough solution for most people to start with, SQLite is much simpler than all of the “real” databases. It works on a library level, requires no setup (meaning it doesn’t require any privileges on the box you’re working on) whatsoever and has bindings in every language out there. You get trivial database copying out of the box and all in all it’s a much better fit for small projects.


Thank you for your replies guys…truly elixir has an awesome community !!

Im learning elixir on archlinux running on android.Postgresql and mariadb are segfaulting on it so im left with sqlite !

Wow, that is an odd environment. Does that usually work well (apart from apparently with DBs)? :smiley:

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Yes sir !!..its great !!!

Working : full linux arch environment
Java and JVM
Metasploit :slight_smile:
Backdoor factory
And a ton of penetration tools

Not working :

             Nodejs and Npm
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Oh… funny tools. I wonder if we could take advantage of Elixir concurrency with Hydra and Metasploit.


I would still not recommend it is used over Postgres with Phoenix - it’s better to use the same DB in development as production if at all possible. Postgres is not that much more difficult to set-up either Imo (least not on Mac and Linux - not sure about Windows).

Having said that, the OP’s use-case is different - they don’t have any choice :lol:

That’s interesting! What kind of hardware is that on?

Nexus 5 - armv7