How to configure Webpack with Phoenix 1.4.0~

I am learning with elixir: 1.9.1 and Phoenix: 1.4.9.
Phoenix: 1.4.0 ~ recognizes that the front build tool has changed from Brunch to Webpack.
However, brunch-config.js is still in the file generated by phoenix new.
There is something I want to check here.

What you want to check

Will you still use brunch-config.js? For example, when installing sass-brunch with 1.3.0, it seems that the setting is written to npm install-> brunch-config.js, but after 1.4.0, brunch-config.js should not be used basically. Is not it?
2. According to How to use SASS / SCSS with Webpack in Phoenix 1.4,
It is written that the setting is written in assets / webpack.config.js, but there is no such file in the generated file. Will this be created by yourself if necessary?



How to use SASS / SCSS with Webpack in Phoenix 1.4
Phoenix 1.3 to 1.4-Migrating from Brunch to Webpack

You’re using an old version of phx_new, which is why you get the old template.

Use mix archive.install hex phx_new to upgrade to the latest version of the generator, and then try mix again, you shouldn’t get any brunch files.


Thank you for reply.
I thought I use mix archive.install hex phx_new on Docker…

  • Dockerfile
FROM elixir:1.9.1

RUN curl -sL | bash \
  && apt-get install -y nodejs

RUN npm install npm@latest -g

RUN mix local.hex --force && \
  mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.4.9 --force && \
  mix local.rebar --force && \
  mix archive.install --force

RUN apt-get install -y inotify-tools

  • command
$ docker-compose run web mix APPNAME

Do not use its a legacy task and will eventually be removed. Please use


I’m sorry for the mistake.
The problem was solved.
Thank you for your supports.