How to connect to SignalWire Relay API with Elixir

My team and I are starting the build process for a ai powered messaging platform and we are wanting to use Elixir to handle our messaging API due to its low latency, highly concurrent, fault tolerant features.

The team had already chosen SignalWire for our telephony service provider but when I went to their docs they have SDKs for almost any language except Elixir.

I was unsure if there was someone in the community that has used SignalWire in their Elixir app? Or if there is good documentation somewhere to connect without their SDK.

Sorry for not providing a direct answer, but I clicked through SignalWire’s developer pages and it seems they expose some of the services via websockets, and it’s not particularly hard to use from elixir, for example, Realtime Market-Data Updates with WebSocket and Elixir shows how to connect to crypto exchanges and receive updates via websocket.