How to console log offline


I’m trying to keep running one of the nervers example on my raspberry pi zero W.
I have try for example the hello_network example! All steps work fine:

  • NERVES_NETWORK_PSK is setted
  • Compilation is ok
  • Burning is ok
  • Booting is ok (I see the led blinking indicating that the heartbeat is on)

But from my modem I can’t see any new connection from the raspberry (obviousli with raspbian the devices works fine).

Now my question is: Where can I find the application logs? If I put the SDCard on laptop the /var/log folder is pointing to /temp there a manner to see the logs without a monitor or connection ?


On raspberry pi zero, you actually have access to a usb console on the port labeled “USB”. Simply load up serial port program on you host machine and connect to the PI. Examples of useful programs include but are not limited to:

  • screen
  • picocom
  • minicom
  • putty
  • Arduino’s Serial Monitor

Many tanks I will try asap! But this means that is not possible out of the box read the logs from a simple file written on the SD-Card?
Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that the logs don’t burn my SD-Card but in any case a simple way to recover some logs after a disaster can be useful!

Check out a mix package I maintain called logger_backend_sqlite it does exactly what you want