How to create a keep-alive API endpoint with Cowboy

Note: I am new to elixir and the forum, and hence my question might be missing some details. Do let me know if additional information is required from my end.
I am trying to integrate the trading view’s /streaming endpoint.

A snippet of what it says is:
Stream of prices. Server constantly keeps the connection alive. If the connection is broken - the server constantly tries to restore it. TradingView establishes up to 4 simultaneous connections to this endpoint and expects to get the same data to all of them. Transfer mode is chunked encoding . The data feed should set 'Transfer-Encoding: chunked' and make sure that all intermediate proxies are set to use this mode. All messages are to be ended with \n . Data stream should contain real-time data only. It shouldn’t contain snapshots of data.

Can anyone help me implement an endpoint that can keep the connection alive? I am using cowboy as the framework.

I have already used Plug’s send_response and send_chunked in conjunction with halt, but it did not work out.

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Plug.Cowboy - Options docs say that

All other options given at the top level must configure the underlying socket. For HTTP connections, those options are listed under ranch_tcp. For example, you can set :ipv6_v6only to true if you want to bind only on IPv6 addresses.

So you can try setting keepalive: true wherever you are configuring that connection.