How to deal with CR, LF, CRLF in text files?

Hi guys,
I couldn’t find this information anywhere: shall I worry about newline difference when writing to the text file, or Elixir will take care of it?

No need to worry about it. Just use LF everywhere. according to recent tweets even Microsoft’s cheap editor.exe does understand those now. So there is really no need to use CRLF anywhere anymore…


Accepted answer after his a couple of minutes?

I think it’s time for a disclaimer!

This post was a personal opinion on the subject as someone who generally tries to ignore CRLF for about 10 years!

I still have to admit, that some plaintext network protocols rely on CRLF: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc…


True :slight_smile:
Anyway, I’ve read what I wanted to hear: “DO NOT WORRY ABOUT”.

Case closed!