How to deploy Elixir apps

Hello guys, i need to deploy a pure Elixir application. I’ve been told that heroku can help me out with this, however i’m not really sure if that might be possible. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to deploy an umbrella application?. What services do you usually use when deploying Elixir applications?

While I have never personally used this before…I have heard good things about if you are looking to get up and running quickly.

I personally deploy my apps via Kubernetes or just on a raw EC2/Droplet/Compute instance.

We just went through this getting our app deployed on GCP with Kubernetes and then settled on App Engine. Hope it can be helpful. Summer of Elixir - podcast mini series

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I’ve deployed Elixir on Heroku just fine (although you do need to understand the limitations). The Phoenix docs have a nice guide that should help you get started.