How to disable ecto pool?

Because of many configuration settings on ecto like timeout, pool_size, queue_target, queue_interval and etc, I want to disable it. Instead of ecto pool I want to use only pgbouncer.

Ecto pool settings is like magic to right now, because when I have set timeout was 15 seconds I got many pool timeout errors. And I when I set to 120 seconds I also got many pool timeout errors sometimes (20-500 errors in one minute and then worked correctly).
Only after changing to 65 seconds application started to works without any pool timeout errors.
Everything is ok right now, but I am afraid that the problem can be returned.

My ecto database configuration:

hostname: “”,
pool_size: 200,
queue_target: 5_000,
queue_interval: 20_000,
prepare: :unnamed,
timeout: 65_000

(DBConnection.ConnectionError) tcp recv: closed (the connection was closed by the pool, possibly due to a timeout or because the pool has been terminated)

For what it’s worth, this error frequently happens because the database server has shut down the connection from its end. Adjusting the configuration of the pool isn’t going to directly affect that.

Yeah you’d want to figure out why the db server was unhappy with you connecting. Running into timeouts was likely just a sideeffect of your server refusing to cooperate.