How to donwgrade from Phoenix 1.6 to Phoenix 1.5?

I am unable to solve this problem that has arisen from updating Phoenix 1.5 to Phoenix 1.6. and I am unable to solve it because of the lack of searchable solutions to new problems. Perhaps in a few months the situation will be better. Unless I abandon Phoenix completely ;).

So, I would like to downgrade to Phoenix 1.5.

Also, I would like to know how to install Phoenix 1.5 when starting up a new project, because the current command:

$ mix my_website --live

will download the Phoenix 1.6 instead of the older Phoenix 1.5.

First, I want to mention that your attitude in this post, and in your previous thread, is not good. Instead of learning about how esbuild (or any asset bundler) works, you are just looking for a quick copy/paste solution from the community. And worse, you are getting angry at the community for not having it (even though there is already a thread on your EXACT issue, and your own thread got 20+ replies in one day). This does not make people want to help you.

I would advise remaining on Phoenix 1.6 - you are not forced to use esbuild, you can always replace it with a different bundler if you don’t like it.

About mix - each version of Phoenix has its own version of the phx_new package. If you run mix archive, you’ll see a list of all installed packages, which should look somewhat like this:

$ mix archive
* hex-0.21.3
* phx_new-1.6.0
Archives installed at: /path/to/mix/archives

To replace phx_new with a different version, use the task mix archive.install hex [package-name] [version] e.g.:

$ mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.5.13

and confirm the prompt asking if you want to overwrite the existing 1.6.0 version


Thanks for the mix archive.install hex command.

What about the duplication of the image part? How to not duplicate images?