How to downgrade to Elrang 20?

I am at the (beginner) step of compiling the mix.exs on Win10

with the github repository for LiveView, but it won’t compile.

Websearch found others (on this board) having the same issue (Having 2 issues with Elixir mix task after upgrading to Elixir 1.6.6 and Erlang 21). Apparently it works if you downgrade to Elrang 20, but how do you downgrade to 20?

Getting phoenix ( )
** (Mix) Error fetching/updating Git repository: the “git” executable is not available in your PATH. Please install Git on this machine or pass --no-deps-check if you want to run a previously built application on a system without Git.

Unless you have some legacy code that depends on Erlang 20, don’t downgrade. If anything, you should upgrade to the latest released versions for both erlang and elixir, so people can help you more.


Nothing in the official installation instructions require git as far as I remember.

What command do you run that asks for git?

And how does your deps/0 in the mix.exs look like if it is when building a project?

Though probably the easiest way to solve this is to install git.

Also as you can see in the compatibility list Erlang OTP 20 isn’t supported anymore by the most recent elixir versions.


Thanks. I installed Git and I think it resolved the issue.