How to evaluate my options of developing a live stream mobile app?


I am looking into options of developing a live video streaming app from past two days in elixir. And I am still totally confused.

I could use the media processing platforms like DaCast, Wowza, etc. Or and platform. These SaaS solutions seems to be very costly.

I wanted to know if it would be significantly less costly to install some open source media processing technology on my own EC2, Google cloud instance or on bare metal servers. Could gstreamer or ffmpeg be that option? I also found this for using ffmpeg in elixir.

I am a total newbie to streaming. But won’t the charges for both options be not that different? Because ultimately it’s the cost of the bandwidth. Isn’t it?

Please need help. Thanks!

I think you got it right. Not sure what you need Elixir for in this project, though.