How to extend Ecto to NoSQL domain

What are the major limitations posed by Ecto for adapting it in NoSQL domain?

How to get started with this attempt of extending Ecto to NoSQL domain?

What to look out for?

It is an open-ended question with a focus to document how to extend Ecto in NoSQL domain, understand community’s intentions, current trajectory, and long-term plans of its maintainers.

In my experience, the Ecto team is very open to making changes that will help integration with various databases. As an example, this thread has a conversation for adding additional relationship types to the mongodb_ecto package. We ended up talking with José who opened up the API that would allow us to create and maintain these relationships in the mongodb_ecto package instead of having to maintain them in ecto proper.

So while there are some issues I have come across with maintaining the mongodb_ecto package, I have found the Ecto team to be very helpful in finding solutions to my problems.


This is great to hear. So right now I am thinking of grabbing the ecto's mailing list and talking to people making Ecto