How to find Freelance Work

Hey all, I’ve decided to commit my time completely to freelance development in a more professional sense (not just one off side projects for people who know me).

What’s the best way to get projects? I’ve tried and other similar sites and I’m not sure they have what I’m looking for.

Anybody have any advice?


Goto local meetups, reach out to local businesses, start a blog and contribute to open source projects.

If you’re interested, I elaborated on some of the above tactics in this article:

I definitely wouldn’t bother with freelance market place sites. If you’re curious on why not, here’s a quote from the article on why freelance sites are comparable to Dante’s 9 circles of Hell:

“I should spend a large portion of my life to become an expert in my craft, and then I should agree to have my privacy stripped away from me while I race to the bottom and undercut my competition because I will actively place myself into situations where I have the highest competition to ensure I receive the lowest rates. Lastly, I will bust my butt and bend the world to satisfy clients who take advantage of me.”


I don’t think your quote is fair, as devs who use those freelance market places spent years building similar skills as yourself. IMHO the problem is much more basic, as it’s about relative taxes and cost of life: the same dev living in some European countries where he has to give almost half of his earning to the state and spend a lot on rent cannot ask for the same wage as if he was living in a cheap and liberal country with near zero taxes.
But such is life, and sometimes there is no choice.

There is also an issue of many customers of Freelance sites really don’t know the difference between one Developer and another, and in that case if the only difference they understand is price, they will go with the cheapest option. I for one never want to be the cheapest option