How to find the cause on FunctionClauseError

  ** (throw) %KeyError{key: :message, message: nil, term: %FunctionClauseError{args: nil, arity: 1, clauses: nil, function: :parse_unsigned, kind: nil, module: Float}}

I have an error message with upper.
KeyError is becasue the key is not in Map,i understood.
But i can not understand the FunctionClauseError where inside.
In my code, i have never use the Float module, so where its cause?
If you have some idea, thank you very much!

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It would be helpful to include more information.

Can you provide the full stacktrace with the error and the code where this is failing?


Thank you for your reply.
It’s just a business code question, finally i find the cause.
At that time i spent a lot of time on it that made me confused.
I should be more careful, thank you.

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