How to force Brew to install Elixir 1.9 in Mac

I’m trying to upgrade Elixir to 1.9 in my Mac but after running:

  1. brew update
  2. brew upgrade elixir
    I still get Elixir 1.8.2
    What’s the simplest way of forcing the upgrade?

1.8.2 is the latest version in homebrew.

1.9 is still a release candidate, only when it becomes stable, homebrew will list this version.

You could in the meantime use asdf instead of homebrew, or compile from source.


+1 for using asdf.

I can recommend switching to it for all your interpreter needs (Elixir, Ruby, Python, etc). It makes project development a whole lot easier, especially when you use asdf local along with something like direnv.


In practice it might require some extra work. My editors didn’t work with asdf elixir and ruby out of the box (execute tests for example). I just gave up and went back to brew. But I want to revisit it in future. I like the asdf concept.

It does take a little extra work to get editors to point to the right binary, I’ll admit, but sometimes that’s as simple as calling ~/.asdf/shims/{name} or sourcing your .bashrc/.zshrc file before calling mix (for example).