How to generate EPUB documentation for Elixir v1.6

Elixir v1.6 is now stable. I see download for stable documentation. When I download it I get only HTML Format documentation. How can I make EPUB. I’ve heard ex_doc can output EPUB Format.

It would be great to have also an EPUB download.

(download HTML, EPUB)
Elixir - standard library (HTML) (EPUB)
EEx - templating library (HTML) (EPUB)
ExUnit - unit test library (HTML) (EPUB)
IEx - interactive shell (HTML) (EPUB)
Logger - built-in Logger (HTML) (EPUB)
Mix - build tool (HTML) (EPUB)

Thank you

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I think You can do it by yourself…

I remember generating some phoenix docs with

$ git clone 
$ cd phoenix
$ mix deps.get
$ mix docs --formatter epub

It is just a bit more complex with Elixir, because You need to update Makefile

$ git clone 
$ git clone git://
$ cd ex_doc && ../elixir/bin/mix do deps.get, compile
$ cd ../elixir 

$ vim Makefile
#==> Documentation tasks
# DOCS_FORMAT = html

$ make docs

That might be outdated, as I did this last year with Elixir 1.5.x


yes it is outdated.

I can’t execute this line

$ cd ex_doc && …/elixir/bin/mix do deps.get, compile

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So… try

$ cd ex_doc && mix do deps.get, compile

And the elixir github is now

$ git clone

This works. But downloads Elixir-1.7.0-dev documentation. I need to figure out how to clone 1.6.0 branch.

EDIT: after cd …/elixir

$ git checkout v1.6

I think

Thank You