How to get access values from boltsips response data in .eex file

Want to access name and email filed in .eex file
How to iterate thorough Bolt.Sips.Response --> results --> properties --> email,name

%Bolt.Sips.Response{ bookmark: "", fields: ["n"], notifications: [], plan: nil, profile: nil, records: [ [ %Bolt.Sips.Types.Node{ id: 0, labels: ["E"], properties: %{ "email" => "", "name" => "Abc Xyz", } } ] ], results: [ %{ "n" => %Bolt.Sips.Types.Node{ id: 0, labels: ["E"], properties: %{ "email" => "", "name" => "Abc Xyz", } } } ], stats: [], type: "r" }

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Probably the nicest way is to use

You need to remember results is a list. and your response mixes atoms and strings keys.

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you can use @kokolegorille’s example, and you can also use the recommendation from the Bolt.Sips Response docs and examples, pasting some samples below, for brevity:

iex» %Bolt.Sips.Response{results: results} = Bolt.Sips.query!(Bolt.Sips.conn(), "RETURN [10,11,21] AS arr")
iex» results
[%{"arr" => [10, 11, 21]}]

And of course, since Response implements the Enumerable protocol, you can easily use it for manipulating your results. Example:

|> Bolt.Sips.query!("RETURN [10,11,21] AS arr") 
|> Enum.reduce(0, &(Enum.sum(&1["arr"]) + &2))

# => 42


One of the main reasons the Response has a mix content, atoms and strings, is because we cannot control the response from the server, converting everything to atoms would obviously not be safe.


First of all Thank you for immediate reply.

I have to display “properties” in .eex file, but so far I have not been able to access it even in iex shell.
It seems to be very complex structure of maps and lists.

i have tried using Enum functions but could not get desired output
ex: results[“n”][:properties]

for get_in, the error is “n” is not an atom, I have tried String.to_atom(“n”) but the results are not desirable.

need some help about it.

conn = Bolt.Sips.conn()

%Bolt.Sips.Response{results: results}=Bolt.Sips.query!(conn,“match (n) return n limit 1”)

“n” => %Bolt.Sips.Types.Node{
id: 0,
labels: [“E”],
properties: %{
“email” => “”,
“name” => “ABC XYZ”,



** (ArgumentError) the Access calls for keywords expect the key to be an atom, got: “n”
(elixir 1.10.4) lib/access.ex:311: Access.get/3
(elixir 1.10.4) lib/kernel.ex:2308: Kernel.get_in/2

results is a list… If I had to collect data from it, I would first start with Not tested, but I would do something similar if I had to collect n, email and name., & %{n: &1["n"], email: &["email"], name: &["name"]})

thank you so much for the guidance. I checked it on iex shell but giving this error, & %{n: &1[“n”], email: &[“email”], name: &[“name”]})

** (KeyError) key :properties not found in: %{“n” => %Bolt.Sips.Types.Node{id: 0, labels: [“E”], properties: %{“email” => “”, “name” => “ABC XYZ”}}}
(stdlib 3.8) erl_eval.erl:680: :erl_eval.do_apply/6
(stdlib 3.8) erl_eval.erl:888: :erl_eval.expr_list/6
(stdlib 3.8) erl_eval.erl:411: :erl_eval.expr/5
(stdlib 3.8) erl_eval.erl:786: :erl_eval.eval_map_fields/5
(stdlib 3.8) erl_eval.erl:263: :erl_eval.expr/5
(elixir 1.10.4) lib/enum.ex:1396: Enum."-map/2-lists^map/1-0-"/2

I didn’t get the structure right. it should be…, fn m -> 
  %{n: m["n"], email: m["n"].properties["email"], name: m["n"].properties["name"]} 
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Thank you so much!!

thank you @kokolegorille

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These are some rules when trying to access data, with mixed keys…

  • If it is a list, use to collect elements.
  • If it is a map with string keys, You can get the value with map[“key”]
  • If it is atom keys, You have the sugar… map.key, but if the key is not present, it fails
  • In this case, You can use map[:key], it will not fail
  • Use get_in if You have structs
  • If it is a tuple, use elem/2

and just follow the path of your data :slight_smile:

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