How to get cookies from domain?

My local host is “”. And I have cookies in domain “”.
When I look for cookies of domain “” it’s empty. But in browser I see cookies in both domains. So how shoud I get cookies from parent domain? Thanks

Do you control the cookies set on the parent domain?

If so, you may need to set the domain specifically, http - Share cookie between subdomain and domain - Stack Overflow

Also worth checking out the settings for put_resp_cookie, Plug.Conn — Plug v1.11.1

and Plug.Conn — Plug v1.11.1

I add cookies via JS to domain “”. But my host in Phoenix is “” and I need to get cookie that iI set over JS

If you set the cookie on parent domain you should be already getting them; check network traffic on the developer tool. However, If you want phoenix to recognize the session or Guardian to recognize the token set by another application you will also need to share the secret keys between the 2 apps.

sorry, that last link was to fetch_cookes/2