How to get gleam standard library to work in a mix project

I have followed this guide on adding Gleam to an Elixir project.
I’ve tweaked it somewhat as I am adding to a pure Elixir project, no phoenix.

Gleam code written in my project works but I am not able to get any gleam libraries to work.
This unfortunately includes the Gleam standard library.

I suspect there is some mix option that says I need to use the compilers for the libraries, but can’t work it out.

Here is the exact version of the code I am trying to run
Running mix compile gives the following error.

error: Unknown import

   ┌── /opt/app/src/hello.gleam:1:8 ───
 1 │ import gleam/string
   │        ^^^^^^^^^^^^ did you mean `hello`?

The module `hello` is trying to import the module `gleam/string`,
but it cannot be found.
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I got it working.
Here is an example project.


Thanks for this, super cool!

I’ve packaged up this idea into a tiny library to make it easier to use Gleam from Elixir in future ->



I’ve also updated to reflect the changes

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