How to get image from static image in render liveview funtion

I have been try to get an image that I have in priv\static\images\gool.jpg, I tried using doing <img src="priv\static\images\logo.svg"/> but it didnt work, I thought it probable because am using render funtion in live view, then I came accrose static_path so i tried this <img src = { static_path(@socket, '/image/gool.jpg')} /> but is also have been getting an error errors were found at the given arguments: 1st argument: not a binary can anybody please help


try with double quotes, "/image/gool.jpg"

What @mayel said and also you shouldn’t need to use static_path

Thanks a lot it works, I am almost certain that I have tried duble quote and I didnt work

thanks a lot , I really appricate