How to get Sentry 7.5.2 disabled in :dev mode?


Fairly new to Elixir here so please be gentle :wink: Our codebase is using Sentry 7.5.2. (I know that is old but I’d prefer to worry about updating it to something newer at a later time.) I am running in :dev mode but it seems like Sentry is running along with me and I think intercepting things that I’d like to see.

I am in :dev mode:

iex(113)> Mix.env()

Here are the Sentry-related environment vars as seen from inside the app:

iex(107)> System.get_env("SENTRY_DSN")
iex(110)> System.get_env("SENTRY_ENVIRONMENT_NAME")
iex(111)> System.get_env("SENTRY_INCLUDED_ENVIRONMENTS")
iex(115)> System.get_env("SENTRY_RELEASE")

But then I see this sort of log message indicating that Sentry is trying to do something:

  "app": "sentry",
  "gl": "#PID<0.909.0>",
  "level": "warn",
  "message": "Failed to send Sentry event.Cannot send Sentry event because of invalid DSN",
  "metadata": {
    "domain": [
    "request_id": "F5wrctA25-Dau_cAADkB",
    "time": 1701282531378937
  "module": "Elixir.Sentry.Client",
  "pid": "#PID<0.30278.0>",
  "timestamp": "2023-11-29T18:28:51.000378"

Here are ref’s to sentry in config files:

% grep -ir sentry config
config/config.exs:  backends: [:console, Sentry.LoggerBackend],
config/config.exs:config :logger, Sentry.LoggerBackend, include_logger_metadata: true
config/config.exs:config :sentry, included_environments: []
config/releases.exs:config :sentry,
config/releases.exs:  dsn: System.get_env("SENTRY_DSN"),
config/releases.exs:  environment_name: System.get_env("SENTRY_ENVIRONMENT_NAME"),
config/releases.exs:  included_environments: System.get_env("SENTRY_ENVIRONMENT_NAME"),
config/releases.exs:  release: System.get_env("SENTRY_RELEASE")

Short of updating Sentry, how can I get Sentry to not run while in :dev mode?

Thanks humbly in advance… Chris

What do you think about moving the Sentry settings from config/releases.exs to config/prod.secret.exs and not writing any Sentry settings in config/dev.exs?

If I remember correctly you can just not put any Sentry configuration in your config/dev.exs file and Sentry wouldn’t do anything. Have you tried?