How to get started with libp2p?

I am wanting to connect to the libp2p swarm, but I have no idea where to start. The erlang-libp2p documentation is virtually non-existing. In the docs there isnæt any start_node or connect commands I can make sense of.

Has anyone here any n00b accessible info on this library? The Helium erlang-libp2p is referenced from the libp2p website as yellow, meaning in progress/usable. But i can find absolutely no info on how to get started. It’s not in, but some of the support libraries are.

Feel free to chip in and get a little discussion started. I’m completely at an impasse.

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Hello - did you ever solve this ? I am basically at the same point in my current project. I need to find a suitable p2plib - and want to use erlang/elixir. One could revert to using Rust with Rustler, but then all the erlang-vm advantages will be gone.

I gave up on doing it with erlang/elixir, but I found that go has a pretty erlang node library. So I’ve created the libp2p functionality in go.
Don’t use that, but do look at it. It works really well. I’m just changing it every other week at the moment. You could fork and use a skeleton.
This way I can easily call libp2p functions as a remote genserver from elixir.

If we can gather a group of people to develop the libp2p library, I’m game - but I can’t take responsibility for any more libraries at the present time.

If you just want IPFS/IPNS/IPLD functionality, then I maintain these libraries:

I intend to keep them up2date.

Hope this helps a little bit.

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