How to handle error inside Enum.each


I am trying to read a CSV file that has single column URL with multiple corresponding URLs for the same.
Library: nimble_csv

I have attached gist file url of the code.
I am able to read the urls from the file.

The problem I am facing is while I am iterating urls using Enum.each so I wanted to know that if one iteration fails inside Enum.each function, how can I handle that as like for this url the processing failed or for 2 iteration I want to send response that this two url is not processed.

Inside the Enum.each/2 function, you could insert a case statement?

Enum.each(urls, fn url ->
  case try_parse_url(url) do
    url -> url
    {:error, unprocessed_url -> append_to_the_list_of_unprocessed_urls(unprocessed_url)

where the function try_parse_url/1 do some kind of pattern matching against a binary string to check if it is a proper URL or not and if not, then the unprocessed URL is appended to some kind of list.

What do you think?

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Hey @ryanzidago,
Thanks for the reply will surely try this.

How did it go?