How to handle tenant in ash_admin

I have an Organisation resource and a Member resource.
Each organisation is supposed to have schema based muti tenancy. So each schema will have the members table.

When I try to manage the Members in ash_admin, it gives me the option to set the tenant. But when I set the tenant and try to add a Member, it raises error - organisation: is required

I have set the writable? true for the relationship to Organisation. Not sure what is missing to get this working.

Here is git repository which reproduces this problem:


Hmm…can I see the multi tenancy configuration of your member resource? Is it using attribute multi tenancy?

Here it is:

It is using schema multi-tenancy

Oh, interesting. So what is the reason to have organization_id on the resource if the organization is defined by what tenant you’re in?

Regardless, if you’re just looking to be able to set organization_id, you may just be looking for attribute_writable? true on the relationship. Setting writable? true only makes the relationship usable with manage_relationship (which it is by default). Using attribute_writable? true makes the underlying attribute writable (and so it would appear in the form).

Sorry, not sure if I am understanding this correctly.

The member resource is associated with Organisation (tenant) using this relationship

    belongs_to :organisation, AshManyMany.Accounts.Organisation do
      api AshManyMany.Accounts
      writable? true
      allow_nil? false

There is no other attribute for organisation_id on the member resource. And the writeable? is set to true

belongs_to :organisation creates and adds an attribute to the resource called organisation_id. Making the relationship writable? true (this is the default, so setting it to true has no effect) allows you to use the manage_relationship change, i.e:

create :create do
  argument :organisation, :map

  change manage_relationship(:organisation, ...options)

However, if you just want to be able to set the organisation_id, then do this

belongs_to :organisation, AshManyMany.Accounts.Organisation do
  api AshManyMany.Accounts
  attribute_writable? true
  allow_nil? false

That will make the organisation_id attribute that is automatically added for the relationship writable.